What People Are Saying

Jade Findlay – Eventer

Jade Findlay is one of Australia’s leading female eventers. In June 2018, Jade won the Melbourne International 3DE with her amazing horse Oaks Cordelia, aka Heidi. Jade shares with us her experience with using Digestive EQ and how she has weaned her horse off ulcer medications.

Dr Erin Roddy

Dr Erin Roddy is not only a talented show jumper, she also manages Spring Creek Rehabilitation. Erin has had great success with Digestive EQ, with not only her own competition horses but also client’s horses following surgery. Hear from Erin below

Danny Williams

Danny Williams is one of NSW’s leading thoroughbred trainers. Danny is known for his innovative approach to race horse training and is meticulous about his horse’s diets. Danny discusses the improvements he has noticed in his horses since commencing Digestive EQ

Success Stories

The story of Fibonacci

Fibonacci is an imported Warmblood that had years of treatment for an ongoing, problematic skin complaint. Within two months of using Digestive EQ, the condition has drastically improved.

The story of Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a Welsh A show pony that was suffering from recurrent bouts of laminitis and colic. She was diagnosed with EMS and her future was grim. Digestive EQ has given Pumpkin back her sparkle.

The story of Rotty

Rotty is a 34 year old retired eventer that despite veterinary help, was significantly underweight and suffering severe ongoing scouring and stomach ulcers. Digestive EQ changed all that.

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