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Linda here, founder of Poseidon Equine.

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you, and well done, for downloading a copy of our book on how to feed your OTT (Off The Track).

As the owner of several OTTs, I’ve seen first hand how frustrating it can be - but also how beautiful they are once you can begin to get their health in shape.

We’ve been fortunate to work with one of the leading nutritionists in the world in Dr. Nerida Richards to not only formulate our supplements, but to provide  priceless education for our community - just like you’ll find in this book.

If you follow the steps correctly, you’re about to witness first hand the power of gut health for your OTT.

When OTTs receive the support & diet they require, the results are simply transformational.

And we’re here to help you along the way.

We have a dedicated Facebook group - The Horse Gut Health Community - where horse owners can get help for their own unique situation.Y

ou’ll find other like-minded horse owners and also a team of  expert nutritionists and veterinarians on board to help - absolutely free of charge.

To join, click the iPhone below:

our products

As you work your way through the book, you’ll begin to realise just how important gut health is for your horse.

If your horse’s gut isn’t healthy, it makes all other areas of your horse hard to fix.

That’s where our range of products come in.

Our products Digestive EQ, Digestive VM, and Stress Paste are specifically designed to help your horse’s gut reach optimum health.

In addition to applying all of the lessons around diet from the book, the ingredients in our products will fast-track your horses gut health.

You’ll be able to read more detail about them in the book, but if you’d like to find out more, just click the link below.



Every day, we get messages, videos and photos from horse owners telling us how our products have helped their horses.

Because gut health effects everything in your horse, customers report changes in:

- Behaviour
- Coat
- Overall health
- Performance
And much more!

Here are some of the stories we’ve saved:

"We have finished our second 15kg bucket & just started our 3rd. I wanted to write and let you know that for 13 years of my Modern Friesian Cross TB’s life he has struggled with horrendous itchy skin, you name it – he’s had it – that being every horrid moment of discomfort with it.
The vets said it was QId Itch. We tried every product known to man/woman… but nothing worked.

My boy has had to be rugged and face masked 24/7 and still nothing worked. His face would be blood raw, his ears stiff with scudd & sores, even with daily care. We also looked at his diet. Again, nothing worked.

I’m writing to let you know that Digestive EQ has been our SAVIOUR and I just want you to know and say thank you.
All my horse friends now say, “Wow, Major looks amazing, his face has hair, he looks so beautiful”. More importantly, Major and I are now stress free and happy because ever since starting and continuing on Digestive EQ he has fully recovered skin wise and is a very happy horse to deal with and ride now.

No more itch!
Full body of hair, EVERYWHERE!
I'm able to ride him at anytime as he doesn’t get welts

I am just AMAZED! Thank you!

– Claire, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Poseidon Equine Customer

"I have found Digestive EQ to be a highly beneficial supplement for horses grazing pastures at risk of fungal endophyte infestation in autumn and spring.

Digestive EQ provides the essential protective elements of calcium and magnesium, in addition to a mycotoxin binder and yeast which aids in prevention of the development of grass staggers, parotiditis, laminitis, hypersensitive behaviour and skin hypersensitivity which occurs commonly in horses in my region on a seasonal basis.

I have also found Digestive EQ to be a supplement beneficial to those horses prone to symptoms of colic or laminitis during seasonal pasture changes and believe it is a useful supplement for holistically improving the overall health of horses prone to digestive upsets, behavioural disorders and allergic skin disease.

Trainers have remarked on the noticeable improvement in horse’s behaviour, skin and digestive function within a short time period of commencement of Digestive EQ supplementation. I highly recommend it’s use!"

Dr. Jacqui McGregor, McGregor Equine Veterinary Services

Dr Erin Roddy is not only a talented show jumper, she also manages Spring Creek Rehabilitation. Erin has had great success with Digestive EQ, with not only her own competition horses but also client’s horses following surgery.

“Two years ago Pumpkin was suffering from ongoing laminitis and occasional bouts of colic.

After using Digestive EQ, she has never suffered another bout of laminitis or colic.

She has gone from having a bleak future to going back showing, and now a Mum.

Henry her foal is so perky and brave, and copes with stress easier than other foals I have bred when I wasn’t using Digestive EQ.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.”

Kim Glover

"Wonderful stuff. My young TB mare has developed dapples since starting Digestive EQ"

- Linda

Adam Rowland talks about the change in his horse after 4 months on Digestive EQ.

"The best stuff on the market!"

- Brooke

Jade Findlay talks about her experience with Digestive EQ.

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