Making a Difference - Our Charity Partners

It’s no secret that here at Poseidon Equine we love horses.

As a family-run business of horse owners and breeders, we live and breathe horse life. And we’re big believers in taking care of our horses to give them the best possible quality of life.

It’s the main reason we created our products in the first place - to help horses thrive. We want to improve the quality of life of all horses, by helping to nurture their gut health, which can have a huge impact on overall health.

And it seems we aren’t alone in wanting to improve the health and happiness of our horses.

Our products are increasing in popularity and we’ve had thousands of testimonials from happy customers about the results they’ve seen after using Digestive EQ, Digestive VM and Stress Paste.

So, we’ve decided it’s time to give back.

Working closely with our community, we’ve selected two new charity partners for our business.

These two partners will benefit from our support through the provision of Poseidon Equine products, and we will also be promoting their work through our networks.

Say hello to our new charity partners.

Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary

“Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary is very excited to be sponsored by Poseidon Equine. Access to this great suite of products provides us with a tremendous helping hand - enhancing the speed we can improve the health and welfare of the horses, ponies and donkeys that come to us in need.”

Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary (HSES) is a 275-acre horse and animal sanctuary in Victoria, which was founded in response to the ever-increasing number of horses passing through the sale yards, and into the hands of knackeries.

Today, the sanctuary is home to over 100 horses and ponies, along with many other rescue animals, including dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows, ex-battery hens, geese, ducks, alpacas… even turkeys!

HSES is committed to sustainable and ethical equine rescue and rehabilitation. They believe firmly in improving the physical and psychological well being of every animal that resides at HSES, along with actively lobbying and advocating for all companion animals. Each horse at HSES stays until they are ready to be rehomed. Horses are extensively vetted and handled. They believe in re-educating horses to help ensure excellent, forever homes, from basic groundwork to ridden under saddle. Alternatively, some horses are assessed as needing sanctuary at HSES indefinitely, due to health or behavioural issues. The mission at HSES is to provide the gold-standard in care to all residents, for life. A commitment protected by a lifetime adoption agreement, should they be rehomed.

Find out more about HSES at:

South Australian Brumby Association

“The South Australian Brumby Association is absolutely thrilled to be sponsored by Poseidon Equine! Our Brumbies thrive on these wonderful products and we are beyond grateful to have Poseidon Equines continued support.“

The South Australian Brumby Association is a group of South Australian horse lovers, dedicated to saving Wild Australian Brumbies from slaughter. They are committed to providing safe haven for those saved and re-homing responsibly when the time is right.

The SA Brumby Association advocates for the protection of Australia’s wild horses, the Brumbies, which are part of this country’s heritage and have become an iconic part of our landscape.

Find out more about SA Brumby Association at:

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