A step-by-step guide explaining how the gut affects your ott’s health and how to save yourself worry (& money) on the journey beyond the racetrack.



(without stress or a big feed bill)

by Dr Nerida Richards
Equine Nutritionist


What if you could own the keys to a calm (safe) horse that will bloom into a mount that can gain and hold weight easily?

Your brand new OTT has just arrived. Lanky, thin, ribby and anxious, yet tired and withdrawn.

Or maybe highly strung, bargey and burning up a plie of energy in nerves.

You notice the dull coat, and brittle hooves.

And those manners... Well let’s just say they need some work.

At feed time you notice this horse’s appetite is poor at best.

You might have done this all before and know exactly what you’re in for - or maybe it’s your first time.

Either way, you’re braced for a long road ahead. Because, after all we horsey folk know the Off The Tracks (OTTs) eat a lot.

And take forever to put on weight.

And they give you endless months of worry with their on-again, off-again appetite.

And their quiet-today, spooky-tomorrow behaviour.

But... WHAT IF it didn’t have to be like this?

This book will give you the keys to a calm (safe) horse that will bloom into a mount that can gain and hold weight easily.

Who will muscle up beautifully...

Get a talk-of-the-town shiny coat...

Amazing hooves...

And on a lot less feed and for a lot less money than you expected!

Rest assured, this is possible if you know how.

Most of it just relies on you having a basic understanding of what’s going on inside that beautiful creature’s gut!

Download this FREE guide and we’ll show you where your OTT is now in terms of gut health - and what you can realisitcally do to optimise your horse’s health.

We’ll start with the gut, and then we’ll turn our attention to the hooves, coat, muscles, behaviour and condition.

Ready? Let’s go!

Dr Nerida


here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside

Why the GUT is the first piece of the puzzle... (and why 60-90% of racing standardbreds and thoroughbreds have gastric ulcers - not good).

Why the ‘typical’ racing diet actually is doing more harm than good - and how to reverse it by understanding the power of bacteria

The 5 main strategies to help ulcers heal - if you don’t fix ulcers, your horse stays in pain.

Get those hooves healthy and coat shining! Once you’ve fixed the gut, you can use some extra tactics to get those hooves and coat into shape.

Your 12-Month OTT Diet Plan - A tried & tested month-by-month diet plan for your new OTT.

And MUCH more!


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