Recommended by equine nutritionists and veterinarians, Digestive EQ is Australia’s leading horse gut health solution.


As horse owners, we get it.

Your horses are your joy. You want to make sure that they glow with health, perform at their best and are fun and safe to ride. Just like in humans, a lot of this comes down to having a gut that’s working properly... which is why we created a gut support system to help.

Hot/Stressed Behaviour


Dealing with a hot or anxious horse is no fun (and not safe). The wrong diet, competition, transport, and illness can all contribute.

Prone to Colic

to Colic

Good gut health can help reduce the risk of this common but distressing and painful gastrointestinal condition.

Weight Problems


Got a hard keeper?
Or a fussy eater?
Some horses are not ‘just like that’, they’re actually ‘like that’ because of poor gut health.

Prone to Laminitis

Prone to

This heartbreakingly painful condition is scientifcally linked with your horse’s digestive system.

Ongoing Girthiness


Girthiness and general girth discomfort is not normal behaviour. It can be a sign of a gut that’s in pain.

Kylie’s & Boulevard’s Poseidon Story

Ever since I’ve been using them, I have a different horse.

He no longer colics every week and his anxiety has gone. I use Digestive EQ & VM daily and the Stress Paste when there is a potential stressful event even, before and after a storm (which he used to be very reactive to)

We are back out competing successfully and I can finally appreciate how clever this boy is. I can honestly say, if I hadn’t made a drastic change for him he wouldn’t be here today. I know it 100%.

A picture of health

The images speak for themselves. See more results from other happy horses (and their humans).

Before using Digestive EQ After using Digestive EQ

Sometimes a small change can have a big impact

Digestive EQ

Research told us that many ‘mystery’ problems in horses (which we used to just resign ourselves to) are actually linked to an unhealthy gut.

So, together with a leading nutritionist, we created Digestive EQ — a platinum standard gut health supplement.

Now hundreds of customers have told us that supporting their horse’s gut—with the help of Digestive EQ — has helped them transform the whole horse.

It might just help your horse blossom too.