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As a horse owner, there’s nothing worse than seeing your horse in pain. Especially if you have no idea why it’s happening - or what to do about it.


Even worse, your horse could be in pain but you don’t even realise… This means that they’re quietly suffering each day.


Fortunately, as we continue to learn about horses through research, we are starting to recognise the subtle signs of when a horse may be sick or in pain.


Here are 3 warning signs you should be looking out for with your horse that indicates they are sick, in pain and need your help.


Girthiness around the gut is very common in horses.


Most of the time we don’t really give it too much thought.


However, dig a little deeper.


The area that tends to get girthy and sore sits right above the large colon (part of the hindgut).


If that area is unusually girthy and is sore to touch, then connect the dots. It’s possibly due to something not right going on in the large intestine!


Through research, we are starting to really understand how much the way we feed our horses affects the health of our horse’s hindguts. And how easy it is to create an environment in there that will cause pain and inflammation…


So it makes sense that a girthy gut means... inflammation in the large intestine.


Fact is, the gut is the ‘engine of the horse’. Anything wrong with the gut will flow through to other issues with your horse.


But what exactly is wrong with the gut that’s causing the girthiness? Read on...


Do you notice your horse becoming stressed, anxious, especially in competition?


This is possibly a sign of sickness and if it is, you need to address it quickly before nervous behaviours get set as habits.

Do you notice your horse becoming stressed, anxious, especially in competition?


This is possibly a sign of sickness and if it is, you need to address it quickly before nervous behaviours get set as habits.

  • Lack of B-vitamins. B-vitamins, and particularly vitamin B1 are essential for calm, safe behaviour. If you unbalance the bacteria in your horse’s gut, the ‘bad’ bacteria destroy vitamin B1 (the most important one for calm behaviour) and create deficiencies that can lead to anxiety.
  • Lack of happy hormones. Research in humans is showing that our bacteria produce a large portion of all of our circulating happy hormones like dopamine. Unbalance the bacteria and you may get problems like anxiety and depression.
  • Gut Pain. We know that when horses experience gut pain (like gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis) their behaviour changes. Anxious behaviours are commonly noted by owners of horses with diagnosed gastric ulcers or hindgut issues.

And here is the kicker, in other animal species, including humans, researchers are showing that stress itself changes gut bacterial populations and leads to inflammation and physical damage to the gut wall...


Which can only lead to even more pain and stress!


So how do you stop your horse getting stuck in this vicious cycle?


Good news! Keep your horse’s good bacteria happy and they will keep your horse happy and pain free.


And where do good bacteria live?


You guessed it again - the gut.


However, your current feed regime may be making your horse’s gut too acidic.


An acidic gut kills good bacteria, and promotes stress and physical sickness.


So, the key to reducing stress is to:


- Reduce acidity in the gut

- Produce more good bacteria

- Produce more B-vitamins and happy hormones


How do you reduce acidity in your horses gut?


The number one cause of high acidity in the gut is a diet that is too high in uncooked starch & indigestible sugars.


So something you can apply straight away to help your horse is to replace some of those starches & sugars with more fibre!


Less grain, more fibre!


This will also help to reduce the girthiness of your horse - as you balance the bacteria, inflammation and pain decreases - leaving you with a happy, healthy and gut-pain free horse.


You keep adding more and more feed to your horse’s diet, but it simply won’t gain any weight.


He won’t put on muscle, he won’t put on condition - and you’re getting confused, frustrated and you’re going broke!


Let’s look deeper into how food is processed in the horse to understand why.


A lot of digestion happens in the hindgut of your horse.


When that hindgut is disturbed, the bacteria are unbalanced and the wall of the gut that absorbs nutrients gets damaged, so it doesn’t function properly.


When it is like this it won’t be able to process the food your horse puts through it.


An unhealthy hindgut is caused by:

- Low forage

- High indigestible starch

- High fructans

- Stress

- Stabling or travel

- Big meals


So, work on these things to improve your horse's hindgut, and the ability to gain weight will start reappearing in your horse.


Once you’ve fixed the fundamentals by changing the diet from starches to fibres, it’s time to add some more detail into the mix…


Poseidon Equine was created by Linda Lord, the proud owner of 12 horses, with over 40 years of riding, training, breeding and competing experience across various disciplines.


You’re about to find out how she struggled for years with an ‘uncurable’ sickness in herself and her horses… but after trials & tribulations came upon a discovery that finally got herself starting to heal and her horses reaching their full genetic potential.


Here’s Linda's story in her own words...


It started with my own health crisis. I had previously suffered from encephalitis and over ten years later I was still having major problems with my health, energy levels and my memory and concentration.

Linda Lord, Founder of Poseidon Equine

I decided to look into dietary changes and I soon stopped eating processed foods and drastically reduced sugar intake and I started to learn about gut bacteria and its link to health and emotions.


I began to follow a gut healthy diet and I was amazed at the improvement I then started to experience.


Horses have always been a big part of my life, and I had always been keen to feed my horses as natural as possible. But I had one particular horse that I was having ongoing troubles with.


He was losing weight.


He had trouble getting the right canter lead.


He would grind his teeth and tilt his head.


He even randomly one day bolted out from underneath my daughter, putting her in hospital.


I couldn’t work out what was wrong.


I spent thousands on getting a custom saddle made and getting it regularly re-checked. I had his teeth treated routinely.


I even had moulds done of his mouth and got a customised bit made.


All important steps but my horse was still having issues.


I thought it might be a gastric ulcer - the treatments seemed to work.


They stopped the weight loss and crankiness, but then the symptoms reappeared even worse once I stopped treatment.


I finally got some breakthrough when I tried a gut product with him.

"I couldn't recommend the product more highly" - Dr. Erin Roddy talks about her transformative experience with Digestive EQ

I was impressed that finally something was starting to help him.


Yet he was still grinding his teeth, scooting and having inconsistencies with canter leads.


And his head started to shake incessantly. He had been grazing in a paddock with paspalum - which at the time I wasn’t aware contained mycotoxins (invisible toxins produced by moulds that can cause neurological changes).


Some feed changes, including moving paddocks, and about two weeks later the headshaking had settled down.


This was enough motivation to start my journey of learning about the hindgut and the role of nutrition.


I reached out to leading animal and equine nutritionists. I spoke with them about everything I’d learnt with my own experience of improving my gut health.


We talked about what effect diet, mycotoxins and stress have on a horse, and in particular a horse’s gut.


We decided to build the best possible gut health product available, worldwide.

"The first big competition, he was comfortable the whole way through" - FEI dressage rider Danielle Keogh's experience with her competition horse using Digestive EQ

We sourced incredible evidence-based products from around the world and began a trial among 17 horses - mostly our own.


Within a short time, the changes in all my horses were significant - even amongst the ones that I thought were looking and performing their best prior to the trial.


These noticeable changes included:


- Weight gain;

- Calmer horses;

- Improved appetite with the fussy eaters;

- Improved feed conversion;

- Improved coats;

- Change in foot quality and growth;

- Greater elevation in movements


We tweaked and tested, and once we were satisfied that this product was of high quality and impact, we trialled it across various disciplines and approximately 40 horses to test it further.


We brought in a veterinary supervised trial to get feedback on the palatability and ease of use and other things such as weight gain.


The feedback was positive and with a few adjustments to the texture, Digestive EQ was ready for commercial distribution.


We were committed to delivering the highest quality product possible and we chose to have it made in a quality controlled environment and not just in our back shed.


Fast forward to today…


Poseidon Equines products are a staple part of the diets of horses in the Australian Eventing team, high-level show horse riders, dressage riders, barrel racers and western riders, race horses, show jumpers and even retired geriatrics.


We have PhDs in Equine Nutrition & Gut Health working on the product.


“Rotty is our 17hh 34-year-old warmblood that had been suffering from severe scouring and weight loss. After trying everything we decided to use Digestive EQ.


The results were immediate. He gained weight and the scouring stopped within days. He is happy again. Digestive EQ has saved his life!”


Michelle Harrington

“I am only feeding chaff, hay and Digestive EQ. His winter coat is so shiny. His feed conversion is great and he is even more relaxed.


He wouldn’t lay down to sleep for over a month when I first got him and now he loves sleeping with his legs stuck out in the air and the neighbours calling me worried about him!”


Kathie Bowtell

“I have been using otherdigestive products before trying Digestive EQ.


So I was amazed when my horse had such a dramatic transformation.


I wont use anything else but Digestive EQ from now on.”


Abby Hudson

“This mare was purchased and seemed to have the scours consistently for several months.


She had a few feed changes trying to find the problem but nothing was working. One 4kg of Digestive EQsettled the scouring problem in 3 days and she has now totally bloomed.


This mare has never looked like this in her life regardless of work or holidays.”


Adam Rowland


Renae Dorney, a high-level show rider, credits using Digestive EQ to her horses success in some of Australia's most prestigious awards

This 14-Year Old Thoroughbred, Alvin, cleared all of his ulcers, stopped biting, and gained two-thirds of his body weight in 6 months of taking Digestive EQ.

"We were very happy to discover Digestive EQ has a whole team dedicated to research”

Rachel & Sophie Walker

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