Is The Way We Feed Making Our Horses Sick?

As horse owner, you may see problems like anxious behaviour, girthiness, laminitis, poor performance and weight challenges and accept them as ‘normal’ for your horses. But are they? And if they aren’t, what is causing them?

Fact is, these problems, for most horses, are not normal! And it is only now that we are really starting to understand the role poor gut health is playing as a cause of all of these issues.

What is gut health?

Your horse’s gut has many roles. Including:

  • The digestion and absorption of feed;
  • Providing a barrier that will protect your horse from disease-causing pathogens, bacteria and toxins; and
  • Housing the trillions of bacteria who play important roles in digestion, immune function and behaviour.

The term ‘gut health’ simply refers to how well your horse’s gut is working in these areas.


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