This new horse foundation needs a name…

Can you help?

We believe in championing horses and their welfare at Poseidon Equine.

This means advocating on their behalf, educating all horse owners, and creating collaborative relationships which benefit everyone, because we want all horses to have healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

We’re excited to announce we’re part of a new foundation, which is all about advocating for the horse, educating the horse community and providing frameworks to measure equine welfare and promote continuous improvement. 

We’re part of this from the very beginning. In fact it’s such early days, we don’t have a name for this new foundation yet, and we need your help! 

The foundation is the result of countless hours discussing the need for this kind of leadership. Our goals are to: 

  • Conduct leadership and advocacyon behalf of horses. 
  • Provide a framework to measure equine welfare performance and promote continuous improvement. 
  • Support research and reformto promote equine welfare. 
  • Foster collaborations and partnerships to improve horse welfare. 
  • Provide education and trainingto people who care for horses across a wide range of disciplines, including young people who are the future of the industry.
  • Provide emergency support for horses in crisis. 
  • Improve whole of life opportunitiesfor horses through rehabilitation and rehoming. 
  • Support off the track (OTT) racehorses to be rehomed and improve education around owning an OTT. 

Meet the team: 

So, who’s involved? 

Our three founders are all passionate about horses and their welfare. 

Linda Goldspink-Lord, Poseidon Equine

Linda has owned horses most of her life, and is a true advocate for their health and safety. 

This lifelong love of horses was channeled into creating Poseidon Equine, with the aim of improving the quality of life through gut health of horses. She has over 17 years’ experience working in the charitable sector and sees the foundation as a way of applying her knowledge and experience into creating change for horses across all disciplines. 


Leah Manning, Equilegal

Leah is the Principal of Equilegal and a top-tier trained lawyer with a wealth of equestrian experience. Leah has been hooked on horses since she started riding at around 5 years of age. On finishing school, Leah went on to pursue a career in horses and during an apprenticeship in England, she obtained her British Horse Society teaching qualifications.

Leah went on to manage large equestrian centres and then followed her passion for showjumping and worked for Lionel Dunning, a British international showjumper. She later decided to pursue a career as a lawyer and after working at one of Australia’s top law firms, she’s now combining her expertise and love of horses and law, to promote and improve the welfare of horses and drive fundamental change for long term solutions.


Josie Gilbert, Equintegrity 

Josie has had a love of horses since she can remember, not having her own horse she mucked out loads of yards for free rides. Horse ownership came late at age 42 , after having three kids, and she now owns four horses, two of which are OTT thoroughbreds, and competes in eventing. 

A qualified physiotherapist, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Safety Science and OHS Management, up until recently Josie was responsible for Risk Management, Operational Systems and Policy for Team Thoroughbred NSW, Racing NSW's Equine Welfare program. She is passionate about researching and applying best practice in every aspect of horse care, and believes through sound policy, education and transparency we can make a big impact on equine welfare in Australia. Josie is a qualified Equine Bodyworker and is commencing Postgraduate Study in Equine Physiotherapy in August 2021. She has recently started her own business Equintegrity, in which she will focus on Welfare, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Now you know a bit more about the foundation and its founding team,what do you think we should call it? As we apply for not-for-profit status and start to become officially established, we’re keen to name our foundation something which reflects our purpose. 

We’d love to hear your suggestions, and the best ones will be chosen to be put to a public vote. 

So put your thinking (riding) caps on, and let us know what you think a worthy name would be for this fantastic new foundation. 

Send us an email or comment on our Facebook Page (links below) and we’ll keep you posted on the shortlist!



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