What is anxiety in dogs? Fear is a normal reaction - a natural part of your dog's fight or flight response. A Phobia is an over-the-top, recurring fearful reaction to a specific person, animal, object or situation. But anxiety is the anticipation of things that have not happened yet. A Common form of anxiety in dogs is
A fairly new concept for many dog owners, but one of the best kept secrets amongst show dogs, dog trainers and canine nutritionists — canine gut health and the importance of having a healthy digestive system is one of the easiest ways to support your dog’s overall health and happiness. You see, just like us humans, poo


Your horses gut is like a castle

Gut Health Educational Series



  • Feeding for gut health
  • 5 tips for maintaining horse gut health during drought
  • How To Feed So Your OTT Blooms


  • Digestive EQ: A Preliminary Field Evaluation
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