Locally Made. It Matters.

Local matters. 

You’ve probably heard it before. Support local. Buy Australian. But have you ever wondered, why?

For us, as a business operating out of the Illawarra in NSW, and manufacturing in the NSW Southern Highlands, it means you’re helping us drive local economies and create jobs for local people. 

We launched our business at a small scale here in the Illawarra, initially just wanting to make a difference to the health of horses in our own network. 

Now, we help thousands of horses across Australia and beyond, to enjoy the gift of true health that comes from good gut health. But we’re still locally owned and made. And still conscious of our local community and our potential for making a positive impact. 

Think small.

We’re a small, family-run business with big ideas and big ambitions. 

To us, it’s the dream. Running a business which is close to our heart, with the people who mean most to us. 

Thank you for being here and supporting our small business.

Because when you buy from a small business, you make a big impact.



Our supplements are specifically designed to help the gut health of your horse. Find out which is right for your horse below.

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