About Us

Our Story

Poseidon Equine is Australian owned and operated. The business was created after recognising the need for more affordable, quality gut health products that were backed by integrity and best practice manufacturing and delivery.

We strongly believe that one of the best ways to enhance health and performance is to focus on good digestive and gut health. We also strongly believe in building strong relationships with our customers, which is why we have dedicated trained distributors across Australia, who are available to offer you support and truly listen to you and your horse’s needs. This accessible support means that you can feel confident about the choices you make.

We are excited about the future of Poseidon Equine. This is not just about selling you a product, it is about helping you as horse owners, make informed decisions about what, when and how you feed your horse to maximise performance, health, economy and longevity.

Our Team

The management team of Poseidon Equine have a collective wealth of equine experience in the breeding, care of, training and competition of horses across various disciplines as well as in the animal veterinary, pharmaceutical and education/training sector. As dedicated horse owners and breeders, we have experienced ourselves the benefits of targeting horses gut health to improve overall health, appearance, performance and recovery. This shared expertise is strengthened by a passionate commitment to helping as many horse owners and their horses as we can.

Our Experts

Poseidon Equine is committed to delivering evidence-based products and information. We are thrilled to have the following people form part of our consulting team of experts.

Prof-andrew-dartProf. Andrew Dart (BVsc PHD, Dip ACVS, Dip ECVS)

Professor Dart graduated from Queensland University in 1984 and completed a one year internship and Diploma of Veterinary Clinical Studies at the University of Sydney. Following 3 years in private practice with Professor Reg Pascoe, Dr Dart spent 5 years at the University of California, where he completed an Equine Surgery Residency and remained on staff while completing his American Equine Surgery Specialist Qualifications. Prof Dart returned to Australia to a private practice in Tamworth for 2 years before joining the University of Sydney in 1994.

At the University of Sydney Prof Dart has held positions as Head of Equine Medicine and Surgery, Hospital Director, Member of the Faculty Executive Committee and Deputy and Chair and Acting Chair of the Animal Ethics Committee, amongst many others within the School of Veterinary Science and the University of Sydney. He holds positions on a number of external professional boards and committees including the Australian Veterinary Boards Council’s National Veterinary Examination Committee and the committee responsible for the Registration of Veterinary Specialists, Chair of the NSW Animal Research Review Panel and non-judicial member of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. He is currently Director of the Research and Clinical Training Unit. He holds qualifications as a Registered Equine Surgical Specialist in Australia, the USA and Europe.

Prof Dart has published over 130 manuscripts in refereed journals, in excess of 130 abstracts and 12 book chapters. He has interests in both clinical and translational research in a variety of areas including equine performance, orthopedics and wound healing.

Sam Potter (BSc(Hons), MPhilVSc (Equine Nutrition))

Sam is an experienced and qualified equine nutritionist that many of you may know from Feed XL. Sam has a Bachelor of Equine Studies complimented with an Honours and Masters degree in Equine Nutrition through the University of Melbourne. Her focus of study was with the development of methods for measuring obesity in horses and ponies.

Sam has a number of year’s practical experience through working at racing stables, thoroughbred studs and various equine veterinarians.  Sam’s passion is to support and educate horse owners in all areas of equine nutrition, through independent nutritional advice.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are very particular in upholding the highest quality standards when it comes to the selection of our ingredients, all the way through to our manufacturing process. Poseidon Equine is a probationary member of the FIAAA (Feed Ingredients and Additives Association of Australia) which ensures that we comply with a strict code of practice in delivering our products.

All of our products are manufactured in Australia under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) conditions.

The regulatory status of our products fall under END usage (Excluded Nutritional or Digestive product).

None of our products contain any FEI prohibited substances as per the January 2018 Register.

As a feed supplement, our products can be consumed by horses racing on race day as they are exempt from any “clear day” rules.

Our Ambassadors

Here at Poseidon Equine, we are not only passionate about our equines, but brilliant partnerships as well. That’s why our Ambassador team consists of our future generation, as well as established riders.